Many of the World’s Famous Visually-Impaired Artists

A number of the World’s Famous Visually-Impaired Artists

God sent humanity with various shapes, sizes and eye colors. Some with perfectly functioning vision while many others don’t. Visual defects, whether caused by genetic anomalies or as a result of trauma contracted later, undoubtedly is a member of major limitations in several aspects in life. However, many individuals don’t agree that being blind is really a liability. In their mind, it serves as a challenge to get different and excel and become known from the field they may have chosen.


Alicia Alonso, a Cuban prima ballerina, choreographer and director continued to enjoy dancing lead roles despite her failing eyesight. With the age of nineteen, she was shown to have endured a watch disease that made her partially blind. She was identified as having a detached retina coupled with three unsuccessful eye surgeries which may have been partially contributed by her stubbornness to adhere to treatment and post-operative restrictions. Despite her affliction, she continued to bounce requiring her partners to be in the complete location where she expected the crooks to be and utilized various light colors strategically in various points on the stage. With your ex own consummate style, she made a mark around the international whole world of dance.

Who’d have thought that Italian tenor and Grammy nominee Andrea Boccelli with 22 pop and classical album recordings to his glory and Billboard’s top artist, number one in classical album charts in the usa generating riches for selling greater than 70 million of albums worldwide was blind? During his childhood, he exhibited signs of blindness and was later diagnosed with an eye fixed disease called glaucoma. However, due a football accident, they got completely blind whilst was twelve. Such disability, however, did not stop him from transforming into a globally renowned performer.

American singer-songwriter, record producer, instrumentalist along with the first male artist who got 22 Grammy to his name, Stevie Wonder suffered with retinopathy since birth. Born six weeks premature, his visual defect was exacerbated by the oxygen being pumped to the incubator where he remained for a period of time. Despite being blind, he became noted for his exceedingly beautiful voice and famous worldwide.

Any disability must not pose being a hindrance for people to achieve our goals or lower the standard of our performance. A lot of people who are differently able get support to bolster wherever they may be deemed weak. Inside the military for instance, where no margin of error is allowed because slightest error will give you a monumental problem, 100 percent accuracy is always expected. Unlike singers and dancers where a missed note or step goes unnoticed, a mistake within the military operations may have a domino effect. For such reasons, equipment and gadgets were invented and therefore are being invented to get rid of errors.


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